Sunday, 30 March 2014

Liam Neeson says he quit alcohol because he was 'drinking too much' after wife's death

Los Angeles - Liam Neeson quit drinking last year.
The 61-year-old actor has revealed he made the
conscious decision to ditch alcohol after he realised
he had been boozing "too much" since the death of
his wife Natasha Richardson, following a skiing
accident in Montreal, Canada in March 2009.
The Non-Stop star told the April issue of GQ
magazine: "I was drinking too much. It started since
my wife died.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Putin, Obama chat about Crimea

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin called US
President Obama Friday to discuss a US proposal for
a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, the
White House said.

Obama suggested that Russia provide a concrete
written response to a plan US Secretary of State John
Kerry presented to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov
at the Hague earlier in the week.

Man keeps heroine in anus

Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
(NDLEA) has arrested a 34-year-old man who
allegedly inserted two wraps of heroin into his anus
to bring it into the country.

This is contained in a statement by Mr Mitchell
Ofoyeju, Head, Public Affairs of NDLEA, on Friday in

Gaddafi son asks for forgiveness

Tripoli - Slain dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saadi
has asked Libyans for forgiveness in an interview
released by prison authorities three weeks after his
extradition from neighbouring Niger.

The videotaped interview, which was aired by state
television late Thursday, was filmed by warders at
the capital's Al-Hadba prison, where Saadi and
several other Gaddafi regime figures are being held,
with the blessing of the chief prosecutor, the
broadcaster said.

Angelina Jolie buys son a swearing f-bomb toy

Los Angeles - Angelina Jolie allowed her 10-year-old
son to buy a "foul" swearing toy on Tuesday.
The Maleficent actress visited Bonanza Gifts in Las
Vegas earlier this week with five of her six children,
and allowed Pax, 10, Zahara, nine, Shiloh, seven,
and five-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox to splash
out on new games and gadgets.

Store manager Angie Hurt told Weekly magazine:
"The kids were having a good time. They went
straight for the toy department and they grabbed
their baskets and just started filling up!

Fashola sues the federal government

The government of Governor Babatunde Fashola of
Lagos State has dragged the administration of
President Goodluck Jonathan to the Supreme Court
over illegal one percent deduction from the state’s
statutory allocation for police reform.

The Federal Government has been deducting one
percent from states’ statutory allocation since
October 2013 under the guise that the fund was
being used for police reform.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Emma Watson opens up about her religious new role in Noah movie

Los Angeles — Emma Watson was no believer.
She just couldn't see Black Swan director Darren
Aronofsky telling the biblical story of Noah.

"Darren does these very dark, very intense, very
gritty, very real films," the Harry Potter actress
explained. "And then Noah is kind of — you see this
guy with the long beard and there's the animals. ...

You can't really picture it."
Then the 23-year-old Watson read the script by
Aronofsky and Ari Handel.
"I think it's a really original take on a genre, on a
story, on an idea," noted Watson, who portays
Noah's adopted daughter Ila.
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Justin Bieber bodyguard indicted on two felony charges

Atlanta - A security guard for Justin Bieber has been
indicted on two felony charges after he admitted
taking a camera from a photographer in suburban

Hugo Hesny was indicted on Tuesday in Fulton
County Superior Court. He faces charges of robbery
and entering a vehicle.

Now THAT'S a thinking cap! Electric hat zaps brain with mild electrical currents to make people smarter

From students cramming for exams to adults wishing
they had the answer to a difficult question, most
people would love a quick way of becoming smarter.
And now scientists have created a real ‘thinking cap’
that helps people solve problems more quickly and
could one day help us learn new and difficult material
more easily.
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Nigeria faces food shortage, government warns

Governors aim to resolve clashes between farmers
and pastorialists.
The National Economic Council, NEC, has raised
alarm over imminent “shortage of food in the entire
country” due to mercenary attacks in 17 states.

The NEC is chaired by the Vice President, Namadi
Sambo, and made up of the 36 state governors and
some ministers. The NEC’s meeting of Thursday, its
first since June 2013, called for urgent security
measures to stem the attacks.

Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau, alongside Godswill
Akpabio of Akwa Ibom, Gabriel Suswam of Benue and
the Minister of State for Works and Supervising
Minister of National Planning, Bashir Yuguda, briefed
journalists after the meeting.
The governors said that unless urgent steps were
taken to put an end to the incessant attacks against
farmers in the states, the farmers may not be able to
return to their farms ahead of the farming season,
which could lead to food shortage in the country.

Hundreds of people have been killed in such clashes
and thousands displaced.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Stella Damasus leaves Facebook

Lagos – Nollywood actress and singer, Stella
Damasus has shut her Facebook account down.
Stella Damasus made this known on Instagram, and
said that someone had been using her Facebook
account to ask for money.

'3 million suffer in Boko Haram uprising'

Lagos — The National Emergency Management
Agency (Nigeria) says 3 million people are suffering from the
Boko Haram insurgence with a quarter million
people made homeless just this year.

World Bank lends Kenya $204m to fix airport

Nairobi - The World Bank said on Thursday it had
approved a $203.5m loan to Kenya to fund its
transport sector, part of which will help finance
reconstruction at the country's main airport, a major
regional air hub that was damaged by fire last year.

In August, a fire destroyed sections of Nairobi's Jomo
Kenyatta International Airport, forcing the
suspension of international passenger flights and
blocking a vital thoroughfare for travel to and from
east Africa.

Senate confirms Emefiele as new CBN Governor

The Nigerian Senate on Wednesday confirmed
former Managing Director of Zenith Bank Plc, Mr.
Godwin Emefiele as the new Governor of the
Central bank of Nigeria (CBN).

President Goodluck Jonathan nominated Emefiele
to the Senate on February 20th 2014, the same
day he ousted then Governor, Mallam Sanusi
Lamido Sanusi on allegations of financial
reckless and misconduct.

Confirming the president’s nominee, President of
the Senate, David Mark expressed assurance that
Emefiele would lead the bank “without fear or
Emefiele will take over the reins of CBN from Dr.
Sarah Alade, the most senior deputy governor at
the bank who has been Governor in acting
capacity since Sanusi’s suspension.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Olamide attacks Linda Ikeji on Twitter

Lagos - Olamide is angry with blogger Linda Ikeji for
promoting recent reports of his fathering two
children with his girlfriend Aisha Suleiman.

The boss of the YBNL record label vented his anger
through Twitter where he said "U don’t drag ppl’s
name through d mud, I drop songs and videos u
don’t post, u got a fake news piam! Oloshi", he
Popular singer Wizkid came out insupport of
Olamiide to insult the blogger.
"Awon oloshi united!! oma ba je fun gbon gbon
won!’, Wizkid wrote, translating to "bunch of no-
good doers. It will never be well with them".
Check out the tweets below:
U don't drag ppl's name through d mud just
like dat Dnt give me bullshit,I drop songs nd
videos u don't post u got a fake news piam!
3:53 PM - 25 Mar 2014

"Haters of destiny !! Ur papa no be president u
de hate on another human from d buttom like
u ... Naah I won't take ds shit Linda naaaah
3:56 PM - 25 Mar 2014

Wizkid's Tweet:
"Awon oloshi united!! oma ba je fun gbon gbon
3:59 PM - 25 Mar 2014
Wizkid Ayo Balogun

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Boko Haram: Shekau claims responsibility for attack on Giwa Barracks, threatens to attack universities, Civilian-JTF

Shekau said Boko Haram will attack the civilian JTF.
The Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has
claimed responsibility for the recent attack on Giwa
Barracks in Maiduguri, describing it as a huge
Mr. Shekau, in a new video released Sunday, claimed
that thousands of his detained supporters were
released and are back in their jungle hideouts.
The video also showed a full footage of how the
barracks was attacked in shots apparently carefully
taken by one of the attacking members of the Boko
Haram sect.
The video had chilling details of how easily the Boko
Haram gunmen invaded the fortified Giwa barracks,
having ample time until the eventual jail break that
saw to the release of virtually all the detainees, most
of whom were seen hailing the gunmen and chanting
Allahu Akbar.
Even women and children among the freed detainees
were seen helping the Boko Haram members with
information about the cells and the barracks’
The video contrasts the military’s version of the
attack .The Nigerian military had said over 100
members of the Boko Haram sect were killed during
the attack. The military said the attempt by the Boko
Haram insurgents to free their detained members at
the barracks failed.
Mr. Shekau, in another part of the video, said his next
focus of attack would be members of the Civilian-JTF
who he said had offended his group by helping the
soldiers in the fight against them.
Mr. Shekau also reiterated his hate for western
education and anything related to it. He threatened
to attack universities if they are not shut.
The full text of his transcribed message delivered in
Hausa and his local dialect, Kanuri, reads:
“Of course there is no doubt about it; we carried out
the attacks in Maiduguri and we were responsible for
the other attacks being carried out all over. But the
Giwa Barracks attack is something worth telling,
because Allah has helped us to kill his enemies in
Giwa Barracks. We launched the Maiduguri attacks
and killed infidels in Giwa Barracks.
“But specifically, I will devote half of my speech to
the issue of Civilian JTF. Your name is not Civilian JTF
but Civilian Trouble.
“My advice to you so-called Civilian-JTF is to flee, take
up arms, get conscripted into the army or police,
because I am telling you is that I have started a war
against you. The war against you has just begun.
“In this world, there are two kinds of people; there
are those who are with us or those who are against
us, and the latter group are those I’ll kill once I spot
them. From now on, my focus of attack is going to be
the Civilian-JTF.
“Let the Civilian-JTF know that this is me, Shekau
talking. You will now really understand the person
called Shekau. You don’t know my madness, right? It
is now that you will see the true face of my madness.
I swear by Allah’s holy name that I will slaughter you.
I will not be happy if I don’t personally put my knife
on your necks and slit your throats. Yes! I’ll slaughter
you! I’ll slaughter you! And I’ll slaughter you again
and again.
“I call on all my followers and brethren wherever you
are, to rise and take up arms and start killing the
vagabond. Kill them, kill them and kill them. Now our
religion and our way of worship is nothing but
killings, killings and killings!
Kill and slaughter but don’t eat them. You should
spare the old, women, the lunatic, and the repentant.
“You only succeeded in arresting innocent civilians in
the city, placing tyres on their necks and setting
them alight.
“By Allah, I will kill you. Killing is my job. Let’s kill
them all, we’d rather leave this world. Let the whole
world perish! May Allah curse you!
“Oh! Allah, they are your servants but are they are
assisting (Goodluck) Jonathan, they are your servants
who pray but are humouring the Koran, they are your
servants but are assisting Clinton and Obama.
“Allah gave us the courage to break into Giwa
Barracks (where) we killed and we burnt. We rescued
over 2,000 of our brethren, and most of them
Commanders!…One of them even took up a gun and
started fighting there. They all got away.
“Glory be to Allah. The world has changed! Work has
started. And for your information, western education
is forbidden. University is forbidden, you should
vacate university! You should leave university, I hate
university. You should quit university, I hate it,

“Western education is totally forbidden. Girls, you
should return to your homes. In Islam, it is allowed to
take infidel women as slaves and in due course we
will start taking women away and sell in the market.
“We carried out the Maiduguri attack. And those you
killed included freed detainees who were not our
members but ordinary people who on being freed
headed to town, thinking they were safe. They were
dressed in shorts and when you encountered them
you mistook them for us and killed them. This was
what really happened.
“We rescued all of our brethren, we gave them
clothing, shelter, vehicles, food and all they
needed….Our brethren are in good state, we thank
“Nigerians, let me let you know that you are in
serious disaster. Don’t think we are northerners,
because you are misunderstanding the whole thing.
Let me make it crystal clear to you save you from
unnecessary distorted newspapers and the radio
analysis on issues you don’t understand. We are not
fighting the north, we are fighting the world. And you
will see us fighting the world. This is our job.
“I promise that we will kill all your (Muslim) clerics.
Just like I killed Albani and it was splashed all over
the newspapers. I’ll kill them all. Who was Albani, he
was nothing. I’ll kill all of them. I’ll spare none but
who follow Allah and the Prophet. Whoever follows
Jews and the west is my enemy.
“My brethren wherever you are, in Abuja, Lagos, or
the south-south, wherever you are, commence
attacks. Even as an individual, take up your swords
and slaughter anyone you come across in his sleep.
“My brethren, take up knives and start slaughtering
people. Just pick up your knife and break into homes
and kill. I heard some people asking Jonathan to
relocate to the northeast to take charge of the fight
against us, but let me tell you, Jonathan is too small,
let even Obama, the President of America relocate to
Nigeria and take charge, we will not be deterred”.

Paul Walker to appear in new Fast and Furious movie via CGI

Los Angeles - Paul Walker will appear in Fast and
Furious 7 through Computer Generated Imagery

The movie's lead actor died in a tragic car crash last
November halfway through completing the latest
instalment of the car racing franchise, but studio
heads pressed ahead with the movie using doubles,
digital wizardry and voice effects.

A source told the New York Daily News newspaper's
Confidenti@al column: ''They have hired four actors
with bodies very similar to Paul's physique and they
will be used for movement and as a base.

''Paul's face and voice will be used on top using
Final scenes for the film have been shot in Atlanta,
Georgia, and co-star Vin Diesel - who plays Dominic
Toretto alongside Paul's Brian O'Conner - told how
the tragedy had affected the way he tackled his role.
He wrote on Facebook: The transition into that Dom state of mind has always
been an interesting one… only this time there is added
purpose, a collective goal to make this the best one in
the series.
P.s. The long awaited completion of Seven, begins...

You will never guess what Justin Bieber did in his private plane

Los Angeles - Justin Bieber got tattooed during a
plane journey.
The 20-year-old singer has joined the mile high club
- by getting two religious symbols inked at 40 000
feet above the ground on a private flight from
Panama to Canada last month.

The new tattoos were etched by famed artist Bang
Bang, the man behind Rihanna and Katy Perry's
body art, just days after Justin was arrested for
allegedly driving under the influence (DUI) and drag
racing in Miami.

He told the New York Daily News: "It was really
difficult. The plane was shaking, so it's like trying to
do a tattoo while you're driving over rocks ... and so I
have to compensate and be so, so accurate. I've
gotta admit that my adrenaline was through the
roof. I didn't anticipate it would be so difficult.
"This was the most difficult tattoo I've ever done for

"It was extremely bumpy and the pilot would call
back to us and say 'Hey we've got a little bit of
turbulence coming up.' We were trying to find the
pockets when the plane was smooth."
The As Long As You Love Me singer opted for a giant
cross on his chest and the word "Forgive" on the
right hand side of his stomach as a tribute to his
belief in Jesus Christ and his ability to forgive people
for their sins.

The session took an hour and a half and Bang Bang
is hopeful the stunt might get the pair into the
Guinness Book of World Records.
He added: "I'm trying to see if we broke a record
because we filmed it and documented it, it would be
a cool record to have broken, the highest altitude

Justin is currently awaiting trial following his arrest
on 28 January and has pleaded not guilty to driving
under the influence, resisting arrest and driving
without a valid licence.

Mystery of MH370 'may never be solved'

Kuala Lumpur - Even if searchers are able to
miraculously pluck Malaysia Airlines flight 370's
"black box" from the depths of the vast Indian
Ocean, experts say it may not solve one of aviation's
greatest mysteries.

Planes, ships and state-of-the-art tracking
equipment are hunting for any trace of the
passenger jet, which Malaysia said crashed in the
forbidding waters after veering far from its intended

They face a huge challenge locating the Boeing
777's "black box", which holds vital clues to
determining what caused the plane to vanish after it
took off from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing on 8

But experts believe the flight data recorder and
cockpit voice recorder may not yield answers on the
riddle of how and why the plane diverted an hour
into the flight, and embarked on a baffling journey
to the southern reaches of the Indian Ocean.

The data recorder details the aircraft's path and
other mechanical information for the flight's
duration, and "should provide a wealth of
information", US-based aviation consultancy firm
Leeham Co said in a commentary.

But the cockpit voice recorder - which could reveal
what decisions were made by those at the helm and
why - retains only the last two hours of
conversations before the plane's demise.

That means potentially crucial exchanges
surrounding the initial diversion, which took place
halfway between Malaysia and Vietnam, will be lost.

Exact location
"Clearly, it won't reveal anything that happened
over the Gulf of Thailand - this will have been
overwritten by the end of MH370," it said.

Leeham added that it also remains to be seen
whether the cockpit recorder will contain anything
pertinent about the plane's final two hours, when it
is believed to have either ditched or run out of fuel.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said on
Monday that Flight MH370 had gone down in the
Indian Ocean with its 239 passengers and crew,
citing new satellite data analysis.

But its exact location and the circumstances of its
diversion remain a mystery. No distress signal was
ever received.

Three scenarios have gained particular traction:
hijacking, pilot sabotage, or a sudden mid-air crisis
that incapacitated flight crew and left the plane to
fly on auto-pilot for several hours until it ran out of

Malaysia has said it believes the plane was
deliberately diverted by someone on board.
But with the travelling public and aviation industry
hanging on every twist in the drama, no firm
evidence has emerged from a Malaysian
investigation to support any of the theories

British aviation expert Chris Yates said that even if
the black boxes are found, "it seems unlikely that we
will get that answer" of why the plane ended up
thousands of kilometres off course.
"We still have no idea as to the mental state of the
pilot and co-pilot, we have no idea if somebody
managed to get into the cockpit to seize the aircraft,
and we've certainly had no admissions of
responsibility since this whole episode started," he
told BBC television.

"It is a mystery like no other"
Debris has been sighted far off Australia's west
coast but an international search effort has been
unable to retrieve any for confirmation, and
wreckage could have drifted hundreds of kilometres
from where the plane crashed.

"As investigators, we deal with physical evidence
and right now we don't have any physical evidence
to work with," Anthony Brickhouse, a member of the
International Society of Air Safety Investigators, told

The batteries powering the locator signal of the
black boxes will run out in less than two weeks.
A US device capable of detecting that signal even on
the ocean floor was being sent to the scene, but
weather and treacherous sea conditions have
hampered the effort to pinpoint the black box

Paul Yap, an aviation lecturer at Singapore's
Temasek Polytechnic, said that if the black box is not
found, "chances are we are never going to find out
what really happened".
"With the new satellite data, I think we can say it is a
chessboard," he said of the wide search area.

"The question now is to find which grid on that
chessboard to focus on, where the black boxes are."

Monday, 24 March 2014

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are going to have a baby

Los Angeles – Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are
going to be parents.

According to E! Online the same source who broke
the news of their engagement has confirmed that
the couple are expecting their first child together.
The actress has recently been spotted attending a
prenatal class in Hollywood.

Engaged and a baby on the way! Congratulations to
the happy couple!
The loved up couple was out and about this weekend
and happily obliged a smooch for the kiss cam at an
L.A. Clippers game.

Check It Out On E! Online

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cover Vogue magazine

New York - Kanye West's campaign to get fiancée
Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue magazine has
finally paid off. They appear in a photo by Annie
Leibovitz on the April issue.

The photo shows Kardashian wearing a white
wedding-style dress with West's arms around her.
She posted it on her official Twitter and Instagram
accounts saying: "This is such a dream come true!!!"
West wrote "Thank you @voguemagazine" on his
Twitter account.

West has said he believed Kardashian is cover-
worthy. In a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest last
October, he said "there's no way Kim Kardashian
shouldn't be on the cover of Vogue." He also said
Kardashian was more influential than first lady
Michelle Obama in her clothing choices.

The couple are the parents of 9-month-old daughter

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Enrique Iglesias has 'crazy' sex

Los Angeles - Enrique Iglesias enjoys ''crazy'' sex.
The 38-year-old singer - who has been in an on/off
relationship with tennis player Anna Kournikova
since 2001 - admits his intimate preferences
depends on ''how drunk'' he is, but admits he has
problems under the covers if he consumes too much

The hunk said: ''Sex can be raw, immature and fun
or it can be more about love.

Asked about what he prefers, he added: ''Oh, the
crazy kind, but it depends how drunk I am - or
whether I'm drunk or not. If I'm too drunk, though,
then there's no sex whatsoever as I can't get it up.''

Although Enrique has a reputation of being a
lothario he insists he doesn't sleep around, but
wouldn't judge those who do.

He exclaimed in an interview with Now magazine:
''I'm fun but I've never been the kind of guy to sleep
with everyone. I've never judged anyone by how
much sex they have.

''If a guy has sex with lots of women then he's 'the
man', but a girl is a slut and that's not fair.
"Unfortunately, it's in a guy's genes to judge a girl
by how many men she's got with, but you really
can't judge someone just on that.''

Lady Gaga defends puke performance

Los Angeles - Lady Gaga has no regrets about hiring
a woman to vomit on her.

The 27-year-old star caused controversy when she
brought so-called vomit painter Millie Brown on
stage during her performance at South By
Southwest in Austin, Texas last week to throw up a
green liquid all over her, but she maintains it was
''art in the purest form".

She told the Today show on Friday: ''I guess we
weren't completely surprised [by the controversy].
''Millie and I know that not everybody's going to love
that performance, but we both really believe in
artistic expression and strong identities. And I
support her and what she does.''

The unusual performance was slammed by former
bulimia sufferer Demi Lovato on Twitter, who
accused her of glamorising eating disorders.

She tweeted: ''Bottom line, it's not 'cool' or 'artsy' at
all. Putting the word ART in it isn't a free card to do
whatever you want without consequences.''

But Lady Gaga argued: '''ARTPOP', my new album, is
about bringing art and music together in the spirit of
creative rebellion. And for [me and Millie], that
performance was art in its purest form. But we
totally understand that people won't be into it.''

She added: ''Did we want the controversy? I suppose
it doesn't matter either way. We don't make things
for any intention in particular, other than in the
spirit of entertaining the crowd and creating
something that was really for the moment.

''We sometimes think that there's a perception that
what I'm doing is all a big show. And I really truly
feel that it's just part of who I am.
"Every moment of my life is devoted to my music
and to my fans, and it's really truly me.''

Chinese plane spots object in Indian Ocean

Beijing - China's state news agency says a Chinese
plane crew has spotted a white, square-shaped
object in an area identified by satellite imagery as
containing possible debris from the missing
Malaysian airliner.

Xinhua News agency says the crew aboard the IL-76
plane spotted the object in the southern Indian
Ocean search area on Monday.

Satellite images from Australia and China have
identified possible debris in the area that may be
linked to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines
Flight 370 on 8 March with 239 people aboard.

Kanye is buying 10 Burger King restaurants for Kim as a wedding gift

Los Angeles - Kanye West is buying Kim Kardashian
a chain of fast food eateries.

The 36-year-old rapper, who owns several Fatburger
bistros in Chicago through his company KW Foods
LLC, is giving his fiancée 10 Burger King restaurants
throughout Europe as a wedding gift.
A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "As always,
Kanye is thinking outside the box when it comes to
gifts for Kim.

"She owns all the jewels anyone could ever want, so
he is taking the practical route by investing in
businesses for her instead.

"He knows the fast food industry is reliable and
lucrative, plus BK is international so he thinks it's
the perfect fit for Kim.

"Kanye wants to buy her 10 restaurants across the
UK, Italy and France, making her a real international

The Bound 2 hitmaker wants Kim to step away from
her reality TV series 'Keeping Up With the
Kardashians' and start carving out a successful
career in business.
The source added: "That's where he sees her future
career, away from reality TV."

Meanwhile, the couple - who have nine-month-old
daughter North together - are reportedly set to tie
the knot in Paris on 24 May.

Egypt sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death

Cairo - A court in southern Egypt has convicted 529
supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohammed
Morsi, sentencing them to death on charges of
murdering a policeman and attacking police.

The court in Minya issued its ruling on Monday after
only two sessions in which the defendants' lawyers
complained they had no chance to present their

Those convicted are part of a group of 545
defendants on trial for the killing of a police officer,
attempted killing of two others, attacking a police
station and other acts of violence.

More than 150 suspects stood trial, the others were
tried in absentia. Sixteen were acquitted.
The defendants were arrested after violent
demonstrations that were a backlash for the police
crackdown in August on pro-Morsi sit-ins in Cairo
that killed hundreds of people.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Ex-Microsoft worker accused of secret leaks

Seattle - FBI agents arrested a former Microsoft
employee on Wednesday on charges that he stole
trade secrets from the company and leaked them to
a blogger.

Federal prosecutors are accusing Alex A Kibkalo of
stealing trade secrets related to pre-release software
updates for Windows 8 and Microsoft's "Activation
Server Software Development Kit," and giving that
information to a tech blogger in France.

Kibkalo is a Russian national and former seven-year
Microsoft employee who worked as a software
architect in Lebanon, according to a complaint filed
on Monday in a US District Court in Western
Federal agents made the arrest on Wednesday
morning in Bellevue, where he apparently was
travelling. He lives in Russia,

The complaint says an internal investigation by
Microsoft concluded that in July and August 2012,
Kibkalo uploaded the proprietary software to a
computer in Redmond and then to his personal
SkyDrive account.
Kibkalo then allegedly provided the blogger with
links to the files on his account and encouraged the
blogger to share the software development kit with
those "who might be able to reverse engineer the
software and write 'fake activation server' code," the
complaint says.
Microsoft investigators interviewed Kibkalo in
September 2012, and Kibkalo admitted he had
provided confidential Microsoft products and
information to the blogger, including "internal
unreleased 'hotfixes' for Windows 8, 'code for the
PID generator' (a technical description of the SDK),
unreleased versions of Windows Live messenger and
documents and presentations about products," an
FBI agent said in the complaint.
The Windows 8 hotfixes were intended to update
and correct critical operating system flaws prior to
the release of the operating system.
The blogger to whom Kibkalo allegedly provided the
information is unnamed in the complaint but "was
known to those in the Microsoft blogging community
for posting screenshots of pre-release versions of the
Windows Operating System." That blogger
"deliberately hid his identity," the complaint says.
The blogger allegedly admitted in an interview to
"knowingly obtaining confidential and proprietary
Microsoft IP from Kibkalo, and selling Windows
Server activation keys on eBay." The complaint also
says computer files found in the blogger's home
showed the blogger trying to get Kibkalo to find pre-
release software, attempting to use Kibkalo's
corporate network access to get into Microsoft
servers, and discussing Kibkalo leaking data.
Microsoft issued a statement on Wednesday, saying:
"We take protection of our intellectual property very
seriously, including co-operating with law
enforcement agencies who are investigating
potential criminal actions by our employees or
Kibkalo could not be immediately reached for
comment.The Seattle Times

Hong Kong stunt man among malaysia missing plan

Hong Kong — A stunt man whose credits include the acclaimed martial arts epic The Grandmaster and other films was among the passengers on a missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

 Ju Kun also worked on The Forbidden Kingdom, and he was scheduled to work on a joint Weinstein Co. and Netflix production, the pilot of a new series Marco Polo, at a studio in Malaysia before he boarded the Malaysia Airline flight to return home to Beijing.

The plane disappeared early Saturday. A joint statement from the production partners said: "We are deeply saddened by the news about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Ju Kun, who was on board, was an integral part of our production team and a tremendous talent.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time." Zhang Ziyi, who starred in The Grandmaster, wrote on Sina Weibo that she's hoping for a miracle. She said the missing flight was the talk of the set on her latest movie, John Woo's The Crossing, which is now filming in Beijing. Zhang described Ju as "sincere, kind and hardworking."

The last update on Ju's verified Sina Weibo account was on Feb. 24, when he posted a photo of himself from Pulai, Malaysia, saying: "New hairstyle. New mood." Hundreds of comments have been made on that post, many hoping he would make a safe return.

Chris Brown's ex reveals why she really dumped him

Los Angeles - Karrueche Tran dumped Chris Brown
over his "inappropriate" text conversations with
other women.
The 25-year-old model reportedly ended her
romance with the Yeah 3x hitmaker in February after
visiting him in rehab - where he was on a court-
ordered anger management programme - and
finding his phone was filled with messages from
girls, gossip website TMZ reports.

Karrueche is said to have been particularly upset
because she had been "nothing but supportive" to
her on/off lover throughout his recent problems, and
she also had no idea he had allegedly been getting
close to women in the Malibu clinic until long after
they split.
Earlier this month, the Fire China singer was kicked
out of rehab after breaking three "internal rules",
one of which was specifically imposed on him, which
was to stay at least two feet away from any women.

The rule was made because he is still on probation
for his 2009 assault of then-girlfriend, Rihanna, but
he broke it by "touching elbows and hands" with a

And he was also said to have been involved in "some
sort of sexual encounter with a woman at the
facility" earlier this month, but it was not cited as
evidence to thrown him out.

The 24-year-old star is now being held in a Los
Angeles jail until a probation violation hearing on 23
Being thrown out of the court-ordered anger
management programme - which was extended
from an initial three-month period, which Chris had
completed, in light of his facing further legal
problems - was considered to be a violation of his

Chris' legal troubles in Los Angeles stem from the
assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.
In a separate case, the Turn Up the Music singer also
faces a charge of misdemeanour assault in
Washington D.C., which will be heard on 17 April.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Helena Bonham Carter returning for Alice in Wonderland sequel

Los Angeles - Helena Bonham Carter is returning for
the Alice in Wonderland sequel.

The British actress has been confirmed to reprise her
role as the evil Red Queen in Through The Looking
Glass opposite Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska,
who are back as the Mad Hatter and Alice

According to, the tyrant ruler will once
again cause havoc after she returns from the
Outlands, where she was banished by the Hatter and
the White Queen (Anne Hathaway).
However, details of the plot remain a mystery since
Tim Burton borrowed from both Lewis Carroll's
classic novels The Adventures of Alice in
Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and
What Alice Found There for the first film.
New director James Bobin is directing from a script
by Linda Woolverton, with a release set for May 2016.

Hathaway and Matt Lucas - who played twins
Tweedledee and Tweedledum - could also be
returning for the sequel.

Bonham Carter next appears in Jean-Pierre Jeunet's
The Young And Prodigious T.S. Spive' this summer,
followed by the new Cinderella adaptation next

Malaysian leader: Plane's disappearance deliberate

Kuala Lumpur - The Malaysian jetliner missing for
more than a week was deliberately diverted and
continued flying for more than six hours after
severing contact with the ground, meaning it could
have gone as far northwest as Kazakhstan or into
the Indian Ocean's southern reaches, Malaysia's
leader said on Saturday.
Prime Minister Najib Razak's statement confirmed
days of mounting speculation that the
disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to
Beijing was not accidental. It also refocused the
investigation into the flight's 12-person crew and
227 passengers, and underlined the complicated
task for searchers who already have been scouring
vast areas of ocean.
"Clearly the search for MH370 has entered a new
phase," Najib said at a televised news conference.
Najib stressed that investigators were looking into
all possibilities as to why the Boeing 777 deviated so
drastically from its original flight path, saying
authorities could not confirm whether it was a
hijacking. Earlier on Saturday, a Malaysian official
said the plane had been hijacked, though he added
that no motive had been established and no
demands had been made known.
"In view of this latest development, the Malaysian
authorities have refocused their investigation into
the crew and passengers on board," Najib told
reporters, reading from a written statement but not
taking any questions.
Police on Saturday went to the Kuala Lumpur homes
of both the pilot and co-pilot of the missing plane,
according to a guard and several local reporters.
Authorities have said they will investigate the pilots
as part of their probe, but have released no
information about how they are progressing.
Experts have previously said that whoever disabled
the plane's communication systems and then flew
the jet must have had a high degree of technical
knowledge and flying experience. One possibility
they have raised was that one of the pilots wanted
to commit suicide.
The plane departed for an overnight flight from
Kuala Lumpur to Beijing at 00:40 on 8 March. Its
communications with civilian air controllers were
severed at about 01:20, and the jet went missing -
heralding one of the most puzzling mysteries in
modern aviation history.
Communicatiions disabled
China, where the bulk of the passengers were from,
expressed irritation over what it described as
Malaysia's foot-dragging in releasing information
about the search.
Investigators now have a high degree of certainty
that one of the plane's communications systems -
the Aircraft and Communications Addressing and
Reporting System (ACARS) - was partially disabled
before the aircraft reached the east coast of
Malaysia, Najib said. Shortly afterward, someone on
board switched off the aircraft's transponder, which
communicates with civilian air traffic controllers.
Najib confirmed that Malaysian air force defence
radar picked up traces of the plane turning back
westward, crossing over Peninsular Malaysia into the
northern stretches of the Strait of Malacca.
Authorities previously had said this radar data could
not be verified.
"These movements are consistent with deliberate
action by someone on the plane," Najib said.
Although the aircraft was flying virtually blind to air
traffic controllers at this point, onboard equipment
continued to send "pings" to satellites.
US aviation safety experts say the shutdown of
communications systems makes it clear the missing
Malaysia Airlines jet was taken over by someone
who knew how the plane worked.
To turn off the transponder, someone in the cockpit
would have to turn a knob with multiple selections
to the "off" position while pressing down at the
same time, said John Goglia, a former member of the
US National Transportation Safety Board. That's
something a pilot would know, but it could also be
learned by someone who researched the plane on
the internet, he said.
The Aircraft Communications Addressing and
Reporting System (ACARS) has two aspects, Goglia
said. The information part of the system was shut
down, but not the transmission part. In most planes,
the information section can be shut down by hitting
cockpit switches in sequence in order to get to a
computer screen where an option must be selected
using a keypad, said Goglia, an expert on aircraft
That's also something a pilot would know how to do,
but that could also be discovered through research,
he said.
But to turn off the other transmission portion of the
ACARS, it would be necessary to go to an electronics
bay beneath the cockpit. That's something a pilot
wouldn't normally know how to do, Goglia said. The
Malaysia plane's ACARS transmitter continued to
send out blips that were recorded by satellite once
an hour for four to five hours after the transponder
was turned off. The blips don't contain any
messages or data, but the satellite can tell in a very
broad way what region the blips are coming from.
Last confirmed signal
Malaysia's prime minister said the last confirmed
signal between the plane and a satellite came at
08:11 - 7 hours and 31 minutes after takeoff. This
was more than five hours later than the previous
time given by Malaysian authorities as the possible
last contact.
Airline officials have said the plane had enough fuel
to fly for up to about eight hours.
"The investigations team is making further
calculations which will indicate how far the aircraft
may have flown after this last point of contact,"
Najib said.
He said authorities had determined that the plane's
last communication with a satellite was in one of two
possible arcs, or "corridors" - a northern one from
northern Thailand through to the border of the
Central Asian countries Kazakhstan and
Turkmenistan, and a southern one from Indonesia to
the southern Indian Ocean.
The northern route might theoretically have taken
the plane through China, India, Pakistan,
Afghanistan - which hosts US military bases - and
Central Asia, and it is unclear how it might have
gone undetected. The region is also home to
extremist Islamist groups, unstable governments
and remote, sparsely populated areas.
Flying south would have put the plane over the
Indian Ocean, with an average depth of 3 890m and
thousands of kilometres from the nearest land mass.
Britain-based aviation security consultant Chris
Yates thought it was highly unlikely the plane would
have taken the northern route across land in Asia.
Mostly Chinese passengers
"In theory, any country that sees a strange blip is
going to get fighter planes up to have a look," he
said. "And if those fighter planes can't make head or
tail of what it is, they will shoot it down."
Najib said search efforts in the South China Sea,
where the plane first lost contact, had ended.
Indian officials said navy ships supported by long-
range surveillance planes and helicopters scoured
Andaman Sea islands for a third day on Saturday
without any success in finding evidence of the
missing jet.
Two-thirds of the plane's passengers were Chinese,
and China's government has been under pressure to
give relatives firm news of the aircraft's fate.
In a stinging commentary on Saturday, the Chinese
government's Xinhua News Agency said the
Malaysian information was "painfully belated",
resulting in wasted efforts and straining the nerves
of relatives.
"Given today's technology, the delay smacks of
either dereliction of duty or reluctance to share
information in a full and timely manner," Xinhua
said. "That would be intolerable."
Najib said he understood the need for families to
receive information, but that his government
wanted to release only fully corroborated reports. He
said his country has been sharing information with
international investigators, even when it meant
placing "national security concerns" second to the
search. US, British and Malaysian air safety
investigators have been on the ground in Malaysia
to assist with the investigation.
In the Chinese capital, relatives of passengers who
have anxiously awaited news at a hotel near
Beijing's airport said they felt deceived at not being
told earlier about the plane's last signal. "We are
going through a roller coaster, and we feel helpless
and powerless," said a woman, who declined to give
her name.
At least one of the relatives saw a glimmer of hope
in word that the plane's disappearance was a
deliberate act, rather than a crash. "It's very good,"
said a woman, who gave only her surname, Wen.
Fourteen countries join the search
Malaysian police have already said they are looking
at the psychological state, family life and
connections of pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, and
co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27. Both have been
described as respectable, community-minded men.
Zaharie joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981 and had
more than 18 000 hours of flying experience. His
Facebook page showed an aviation enthusiast who
flew remote-controlled aircraft, posting pictures of
his collection, which included a lightweight twin-
engine helicopter and an amphibious aircraft.
Fariq was contemplating marriage after having just
graduated to the cockpit of a Boeing 777. He has
drawn scrutiny after the revelation that in 2011, he
and another pilot invited two women aboard their
aircraft to sit in the cockpit for a flight from Phuket,
Thailand, to Kuala Lumpur.
Fourteen countries are involved in the search for the
plane, using 43 ships and 58 aircraft.
A US P-8A Poseidon, the most advanced long-range
anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare aircraft in
the world, was to arrive over the weekend and
sweep parts of the Indian Ocean, the US Defence
Department said in a statement.

Immigration Job Seekers Die In Stampede, Blame Service Authorities

Unconfirmed reports say that 7 persons
may have died and several others
injured following a stampede at the
National Stadium, Abuja.

This was the venue of an aptitude test for the
2013/2014 applicants who had applied to join
the Nigerian Immigration Service.
Eye witness account said that over 56,000

graduates had gathered at the National
Stadium as early as 7am on Saturday morning
to take part in the recruitment exercise
conducted by the Nigeria Immigration Service
when the incident occurred.

The Public Relations Officer of the National
Hospital, Mr Tayo Haastrup gave assurance
that those injured were receiving medical
care, while a few others had been taken to the
Garki and Asokoro General Hospital.
One of the applicants, who spoke to Channels
Television, explained the circumstances
leading to the stampede, “I was here before 7,
and we were begging them to open the gate
because the crowd was getting too much but
they refused to open the gate. So people who
were at the back were pushing us because the
crowd was too much and people had to march
on others and that pushed the gate down.”

Another witness said, “This is complete
leadership failure, and the sooner the people
in Government wake up and assist people who
are unemployed (the better). I am employed,
but the truth is that people are actually dying.

We saw people dying here and it is wrong,
something must be done.”
The Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment
examinations took off in various centres
around the country but due to the State of
Emergency declared in 3 states of the country,
applicants from Borno State were required to
take their exams in Gombe, Yobe applicants in
Bauchi, while candidates from Adamawa were
to write theirs in Taraba State.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lady Gaga allows 'vomit painter' to puke on her

Austin - Lady Gaga kicked off 24 hours in the
spotlight at South By Southwest in typically
memorable fashion.

The pop provocateur began her appearance at
Stubb's BBQ on Thursday night during the annual
music festival and conference by roasting herself on
a spit like a gutted pig as her dancers basted her
with barbecue brushes - and then things got really

Part S&M sex club homage, part affirmational
session, the show sponsored by Doritos to benefit
her Born This Way Foundation included moments
meant to provoke and others meant to inspire.

Gaga began the evening by taping a segment on
Jimmy Kimmel Live in which she wore a puffy white
dress complete with a huge hat that mostly
obscured her face. By the time she hit Stubb's a
little after 10, she'd stripped down to a black bikini
on an unusually chilly night at the outdoor venue
and wore long blonde dreadlock extensions. She'll
finish her moment at SXSW on Friday morning when
she's set to give the conference's keynote speech.

Gaga's set began with an attractive woman eating
barbecued sausages in a provocative manner. Soon
after completing the smoked meats portion of her
hourlong show, Gaga invited friend Millie Brown on
stage to assist on Swine. Brown, a "vomit painter,"
proceeded to drink a full bottle of neon green liquid
before forcing herself to throw up on the singer as
she played drums.

The pair then climbed aboard a mechanical bull-like
pig equipped with a ball gag and a keyboard. Gaga
straddled Brown atop the pig and played the keys as
they bucked in circles. Brown then vomited on Gaga
again and painted her with the black liquid that
stained the singer's skin throughout the
The entire show wasn't meant to titillate, however.
There were moments aimed at inspiration.
"I love my fans because they always let me be
myself and they don't care what anybody says,"
Gaga told the crowd.

A little while later she set up her somber song Dope
with a self-reflective moment.
"It's so much easier to be yourself than it is to be
somebody else," she told the crowd as she played
melancholy notes on the piano. "Because then you
have to pretend to be someone else and like things
that you don't like and do stuff that you don't want
to do."

Dbanj is a legendary womainser-report

London - International music act Dbanj, has been
called a legendary womanizer by the UK Daily Mail.

In a report titled 'Kenya Moore's fake 'African Prince'
boyfriend, a 'rented' Bentley and massive money
woes: Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore
stretches reality TV to the limit' the newspaper said
that Dbanj is notorious for his playboy life style.

 Daily Mail revealed this after they found out that
Kenya Moore had tried to ‘rent’ Dbanj to act as her
‘African Prince” in the reality Tv show Real House
Wives of Atlanta
Read more at Dialy Mail
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The Next Titan open auditions for second season

Lagos- The Next Titan, Nigeria’s entrepreneurial
Reality TV Show will soon start its second season as
registration for auditions are presently in progress.
The show which is currently sponsored by telecoms
giant, MTN, give contestants a platform for their
their business ideas.

The 16 brightest business ideas will be selected
from auditions in the different zones of Nigeria.
The contestants will be given weekly business tasks
for 13 weeks, and stands the chance to win s N5
Million, a brand new car, business mentorship and
support world-class captains of industry.
To register, go to Titan Link

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

5 easy ways to manage your online reputation

Lagos  - With the rise and dominance of social networking tools, a person or even a company's reputation can be made or broken online.

Igniyte is offering a free e-book to help people manage their online reputations.

"Our online reputations are more important than ever – so protecting them is a modern business and personal essential," said publication author Caroline Skipsey.

Crocodile Hunter's final moments revealed

Sydney — Australia's famed Crocodile Hunter Steve
Irwin knew he was dying after a massive stingray
stabbed him in the chest hundreds of times, the
only witness to the fatal 2006 attack said in his first
detailed public account of the beloved
conservationist's death.
"We're saying to him things like, 'Think of your kids,
Steve — hang on, hang on, hang on,'" Justin Lyons,
Irwin's longtime cameraman, told Australia's Studio
10 morning show this week. "And he just sort of
calmly looked up at me and said, 'I'm dying.' And
that was the last thing he said."
In the nearly eight years since Irwin's death, Lyons
has said little publicly about how the fatal encounter
with the stingray unfolded. Now, he said, he wants
to clarify exactly how Irwin died, including
dismissing reports that his friend pulled the
stingray's barb out of his own chest.
"The stories at the time of Steve's death — none of
them were accurate because no one else was there,"
Lyons said in an interview on Wednesday. "And that
always bothered me."
Lyons is also speaking out now because he has just
finished producing a documentary, E-Motion, which
examines the impact that repressing negative
emotions can have on the body.
"I thought that it was a great way to illustrate my
experience with Steve; holding onto these traumatic
events can be very, very bad," he said on
Wednesday. "I'm happy that I've finally spoken
about it publicly. It has been, I guess, a weight on
my shoulders."
(Steve Irwin and his wife Terri. AP)
Lyons still vividly remembers the day he lost his
friend, who rose to fame via his TV series, The
Crocodile Hunter. The two were shooting a wildlife
documentary in the Great Barrier Reef when they
spotted an 8-foot-wide stingray.
They had been filming the creature for several
minutes in chest-deep water and decided to try and
get one final shot of the stingray swimming away.
Suddenly, the animal began wildly stabbing Irwin
with the barb on its tail — hundreds of strikes within
seconds, Lyons said.
The barb went through his chest "like a hot knife
through butter," piercing his heart, Lyons said.
"It probably thought that Steve's shadow was a tiger
shark, which feeds on them very regularly," Lyons
told Studio 10. "I didn't even know it had caused any
damage. It wasn't until I panned the camera back
that Steve was standing in a huge pool of blood that
I realised something had gone wrong."
Lyons and his crew threw him into their boat and put
pressure on the gash over Irwin's heart, which was
seeping blood, and Lyons performed CPR. But the
damage was too severe. The 44-year-old died later
that day, leaving behind his wife, Terri, and two
young children.
The fact that Irwin — who was notorious for his
extremely close encounters with crocodiles, sharks
and other potentially lethal animals — died after a
run-in with a normally docile creature shocked the
public. But Lyons said he always had a sense his
friend would meet an unusual end.
"It was never going to be a croc or a shark," he said
on Wednesday. "He was so good with animals."

Chinese film stunt man on missing Malaysia flight

Hong Kong — A stunt man whose credits include the
acclaimed martial arts epic The Grandmaster and
other films was among the passengers on a missing
Malaysia Airlines flight.

Ju Kun also worked on The Forbidden Kingdom, and
he was scheduled to work on a joint Weinstein Co.
and Netflix production, the pilot of a new series
Marco Polo, at a studio in Malaysia before he
boarded the Malaysia Airline flight to return home to

The plane disappeared early Saturday.
A joint statement from the production partners said:
"We are deeply saddened by the news about
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Ju Kun, who was on
board, was an integral part of our production team
and a tremendous talent. Our thoughts and prayers
are with his family at this difficult time."

Zhang Ziyi, who starred in The Grandmaster, wrote
on Sina Weibo that she's hoping for a miracle. She
said the missing flight was the talk of the set on her
latest movie, John Woo's The Crossing, which is now
filming in Beijing.
Zhang described Ju as "sincere, kind and
The last update on Ju's verified Sina Weibo account
was on Feb. 24, when he posted a photo of himself
from Pulai, Malaysia, saying: "New hairstyle.

New mood." Hundreds of comments have been made on
that post, many hoping he would make a safe

Rob Kardashian doesn't want to attend Kim's wedding because he is overweight

Oprah to interview Cameroonian bleaching expert

Lagos - Cameroonian musician Dencia, who was
recently in the news for taking a swipe at Oscar
winner Lupita Nyong’O, has been invited by Oprah
Winfrey to take part in a documentary film, reports
Dencia is the creator of her own brand of skin
bleaching cream.
Dencia put a screen shot from the mail sent
fromWinfrey’s Oprah Winfrey Network on her
Blackberry Messenger display on Monday.
Dencia recently verbally attacked Lupita by calling
her a “white man slave” because the actress took a
stand against bleaching. She will now apparently
take part in a documentary on the issue called Light

Kim Kardashian involved in fender bender

California - Kim Kardashian was involved in a minor
fender bender on Tuesday.
The 33-year-old reality TV star was caught in a
collision along Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills,
California, after she smashed her $100 000
Mercedes G Wagon into another vehicle.
The brunette beauty was reportedly turning left at
an intersection and the other vehicle was travelling
in the opposite direction with his right indicator on,
but the driver failed to make the turn and carried on
straight, which resulted in the collision, according to
Kim and the other driver pulled into the Beverly Hills
Hotel after the blunder to exchange insurance
details, before sharing a hug.
Both cars reportedly suffered some damage in the
accident, but the police were not informed, and
neither parties were injured.
Meanwhile, this isn't the first time Kim has found
herself in a spot of bother while driving her plush
motor as she was pulled over last November in Los
Angeles for allegedly trying to outrun paparazzi.
However, a law enforcement insider said at the time
that the police were also furious with the
photographers as the incident endangered multiple
lives including Kim's, other drivers on the road, and
the officers involved.

'She's alive! Proof Kim Kardashian survived car
crash which left her 'shaken'

Irish Daily Mirror
@IrishMirror Follow'

Justin Bieber says he can't be 'broken' after serious backlash over shocking videos

Los Angeles - Justin Bieber has vowed he can't be
The Believe hitmaker insists he is "strong" and has a
right to "defend himself" in apparent response to
criticism of his behaviour in a taped deposition -
including being rude to a court clerk, admitting to
taking anti-anxiety drug Xanax without a
prescription and feigning sleep - which leaked
He tweeted: "Love how some people love to twist
and justify the horrible action of others. We all have
a right to defend ourselves and feel harassed."

They can't break us. They can't get us down.
We are too strong. We love too much.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Driverless cars 'coming soon'

Lagos - Imagine sitting in your car and reading news or watching a movie on your tablet - all while you drive to work.

That future may not be as far away as you might think because clean self-driving cars may be a reality in less than five years.

"For a wholly autonomous car, we have to wait maybe five years," Andre Sharpe, Global Product and Business Development director at Regus told News24.

Regus has partnered with Rinspeed to develop a concept autonomous car, the XchangE, which will be shown to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The car boosts four seats and the two front ones are able to swivel to face the back to allow the occupants to face each other during transit.

Bitcoin creator Nakamoto found

Washington - Newsweek said on Thursday it had found the enigmatic creator of the online currency bitcoin, a reclusive Japanese-American physicist and model train fan whose name is actually Satoshi Nakamoto.

After years of speculation that the name was a pseudonym for another person or a collective, a Newsweek reporter said 64-year-old Dorian S Nakamoto, who lives in a modest two-story home in suburban Los Angeles, is the creator of the crypto-currency that has rocked the banking world.

Nakamoto did not admit to being behind the online phenomenon that, since its launch five years ago, has sparked enthusiasm as a financial revolution and scandals over its use to trade drugs and launder money.
And he called the police when the magazine's reporter knocked on his door.

Stock market gets new online trade app

Abuja - Traders in the local stock exchange have received a major boost after an indigenous firm introduced a mobile stock trading application platform that is poised to make online trading on stocks easier and more convenient.

The firm said the online mobile apps which serves as a virtual stockbroking platform, will helping users to trade stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) from anywhere in the world.

Oluwole Abegunde, Managing Director, of Meristem Securities said the application, Neritrade, would ease the challenges that investors faced in trading on the stock market.

Twitter vibes show love to Pope Francis

Washington - Pope Francis is among admirers on Twitter where positive comments about him outweigh negative ones by a ratio of five to one, according to a Pew Research Centre study released on Thursday

The Washington-based think tank, in a statement, said it analysed eight million tweets that made reference to the pope.

Flexible phones 'better' at resisting damage

Barcelona - The idea of a flexible phone was borne out of a desire to produce a device more resilient to damage, but the process was not without challenges.

"Maybe you've seen that someone has dropped his phone and there are all these cracks in the glass. So what we've developed is a phone that's flexible so if something happens, it's not that bad," Sabrina Eilers LG PR manager for the Netherlands told News24 about the rationale for the G Flex

Monday, 10 March 2014

Roku takes on Google with streaming stick

The TV is set to be the venue of a next generation tech dominance battle. (Duncan Alfreds, News24)San Francisco - Roku is getting into an internet video-streaming stick fight with Google's Chromecast.

Like the similarly shaped Chromecast, Roku's thumb-sized device plugs into a TV's HDMI port and feeds internet video through a Wi-Fi connection.

The Roku device, announced on Tuesday, sells for $50 compared with $35 for the Chromecast. The low price and Google brand cachet have made Chromecast popular since its release last year.

Google hasn't divulged Chromecast sales, but the stick ranks as the second-most popular electronics item on Only Amazon's own Kindle Paperwhite e-reader outsells the Chromecast in the website's electronic section.

WhatsApp deal with Facebook may kill Mxit

Cape Town - Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp represents a direct threat to local chat application Mxit, says an analyst.
Facebook announced on Thursday that it had bought WhatsApp for the huge sum of $19bn, including $4bn in cash, as the California-based web titan looks to grow to the next billion users.

WhatsApp has around 450 million active users and the fact that the chat application is growing in emerging markets was probably a determining factor in Facebook's decision.

"WhatsApp's growth potential in emerging markets is much higher that Facebook's because it is already integrated into feature phones and even semi feature phones, and is fast replacing SMS as the messaging option of choice," said Steven Ambrose, Strategy Worx CEO.

US judge rules for Samsung

A Japanese court has rejected Apple's claim that South Korean rival Samsung stole the US firm's technology for its own products. (AP)San Jose - A federal judge in California has denied Apple's request to permanently ban Samsung from selling 23 older-model smartphones and tablets smartphones that a jury found infringed on patents held by the maker of iPhones and iPads.

Judge Lucy Koh on Thursday said Apple failed to prove that the South Korean company's patent infringement caused irreparable harm to Apple sales.
Apple accused Samsung of ripping off designs for its iPhone and iPad. A jury in 2012 found that close to two dozen of Samsung's products used technology controlled by Apple.

Nigeria seeks to conquer African video games market

Lagos - It's a common enough scenario in Nigeria and across Africa: how to get rid of pesky mosquitoes whose buzzing disturbs sleep and whose bites can carry malaria and other diseases.
Two Nigerian start-ups have tapped this -- and other aspects and quirks of daily life in Africa -- to create online and mobile phone video games that are winning fans around the world.

It's easy to see why "Mosquito Smasher" -- which has earned comparisons to "Angry Birds", the worldwide mobile app success of recent years -- might be a hit.

Powerful virus targets Ukraine computers

Government departments and agencies should not be granted exceptional exemptions to the provisions of Popi legislation, a security firm says. (Duncan Alfreds, News24, file)London - Dozens of computer networks in Ukraine have been infected by an aggressive new cyber weapon called Snake, according to expert analysis.

The cyber weapon has been increasingly used since the start of this year, even before protests that led to the overthrow of president Viktor Yanukovych, British-based BAE Systems said in a report published on Friday.

The complex composition of Snake bears similarities with Stuxnet, the malware that disrupted Iran's nuclear facilities in 2010.

Snake - also known as Ouroboros after the serpent in Greek mythology - gives remote attackers "full remote access to the compromised system", BAE said.

Turkey may ban YouTube, Facebook

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (File, AP)Ankara - Turkey's embattled prime minister has warned that his government could ban popular social media networks YouTube and Facebook after a number of online leaks added momentum to a spiralling corruption scandal.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan's proposals to tighten his government's grip over the Internet have generated criticism at home and abroad about rights in the EU-hopeful country.

"There are new steps we will take in that sphere after 30 March... including a ban [on YouTube, Facebook]," Erdogan told private ATV television in an interview late on Thursday.

New app enhances healthcare access

Lagos - Locals in need of healthcare services particularly in cases of emergency have received a major boost after a local information communications technology firm launched a mobile application tagged Find-A-Med.

According to officials, the app was designed to the helps users find nearest health centres around them and keep track of their basic health information in case of an emergency.

“Though a large number of medical centres of varying quality exist in every part of Nigeria, there is no accessible, searchable database. Find-A-Med was created to solve this challenge,” Emeka Onyenwe, Co-founder, JumpSpace Communications, said.

Speaking further, he said, “From the colleague who died of the simplest medical condition, to the random accident victim who didn’t even make it to the hospital before they gave up, everyone has directly or indirectly experienced poor medical attention. There is no denying that Nigeria is dire need of improvement in the health sector and emergency services.”

British PM laughs off Twitter parodies

UK Prime Minister David Cameron (Picture: AP)London - British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday laughed off the widespread mockery of a photo he posted on Twitter of him looking serious while on the phone to US President Barack Obama.

In a tweet to actor Patrick Stewart, one of those who had parodied Cameron's photo, the premier posted a snap of a meeting with former US president Bill Clinton - "this time face to face, not on the phone".

On Wednesday, Cameron posted a photograph of himself discussing the situation in Ukraine in a telephone call with Obama.

Justin Bieber storms out after lawyer questions him about Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber attends the premiere of Justin Bieber's Believe (Getty)

Los Angeles - Justin Bieber stormed out of a legal deposition when he was quizzed about Selena Gomez.
The pop star reportedly lost his cool during a four-and-a-half hour deposition in Miami concerning photographer Jeffrey Binion, who claims Justin send his bodyguards to beat him up.

Superman and Batman universes to 'explode'

Henry Cavill as Superman (AP)

Los Angeles - Zack Snyder says the Man of Steel sequel "explodes" the Superman and Batman universes.

The 48-year-old star - who is helming the follow-up to 2013's adventure - is excited about letting the iconic superheroes "lose" in the forthcoming film and is thrilled they're not tied to the mythology" from which the characters originated.

Apps thrill toddlers in Swedish schools

Stockholm - Two-year-old Mia traces out a letter on the screen with her forefinger, then claps with joy when the computer chants "wonderful!" and emits a slightly metallic round of applause.

The preschool group at Tanto International School in central Stockholm is just getting used to a new batch of iPads - one for every two children - and it's a noisy, chatty affair.

"They really enjoy playing this app. It's really good for learning pronunciation," said their teacher Helena Bergstrand.

Bergstrand, along with nearly 90% of teachers polled by the city council, believes that iPads and tablets help motivate children to learn.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Boko Haram strikes again in Borno state, 33 killed yesterday

The Islamic sect men struck again yesterday March 2nd in Borno state in Mafa Local Government area, a border community between chad and cameroon, killing scores of people.

According to residents in the area, the men came into Mafa town using Hilux Toyota vans armed with AK47 rifles, Improvised Explosive Devices ( IED’s ), Rocket Propelled Launchers, petrol bombs and opened fire on residents who were asleep, which led to at least 33 people being killed, with several injured, and property worth millions of Naira destroyed. The gunmen are reported to have had a field day in Mafa having overpowered the military personnel stationed in the Village.

The Borno state Police Commissioner, Lawal Tanko, has confirmed the incident but says he has no exact number of casualties. More than 200 people have died in the siege the sect men have laid in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states in the past one week.

Justin Bieber Clocks 20 With A New Identity

What is it about the name-change 'Baby'?

  Bieber clocks 20 with a new name - Bizzle
Controversial pop singer Justin Bieber turned 20 on March 1 and to celebrate his exit from teen age, the singer blew off candles from a small cake which looked like it was meant for kids [Instagram photo above].
What is most interesting is the name written on the tiny birthday cake: BIZZLE! What the hell is that BIEBER?
Is the singer hinting a name change in the near future? Bet 'Bieber' has put the young lad into more trouble than Britney Spears. No doubt Bizzle could be looking up for a better future!
Wonder if the new Bizzle will save him from the DUI charge Bieber got himself into!

Which Do You Prefer?»

Kanu Nwankwo undergoes heart surgery again!

Nigerian football legend and founder of the Kanu Heart Foundation, KHF, Nwankwo Kanu recently underwent a corrective heart surgery at the Cleveland Hospital Ohio, USA, Vanguard reports
The surgery was carried out during one of his normal yearly routine medical checks at the hospital following the 1997 heart surgery at the same hospital.
Co-ordinator of the Kanu Heart Foundation, Pastor Onyebuchi Abia confirmed the success of the surgery adding that the former Super Eagles captain has since left the intensive care unit, ICU, of the hospital and is recuperating in the hospital
"He’ll be back home in a few days time. I spoke with him Sunday afternoon and he confirmed he’s in a stable condition.’’, Abia said in a statement.
His younger brother Ogbonna Kanu confirmed to me that the surgery did take place and Kanu is recovering well

Fans attack celebrities for attending Centenary show

Abuja - Several entertainers were verbally attacked by youths for performing at the Nigerian Centenary concert which took place on Thursday.

They include 2Face Idibia, Wizkid, Omawumi, Funke Akindele and IK Osakioduwa, reports Pulse.

The irate youths were protesting the death of over students in Yobe and said that the celebrities were supporting the governments' insensitivity to the recent killings by Boko Haram.

The fans were angry that 2face Idibia could be swayed by money, even after berating politicians in the country during a recent interview with a foreign radio station.

Read more at Pulse.

Promise and peril in an ultra-connected world

Samsung is hoping to drive wearable technology with the Galaxy Gear smart watch. (Duncan Alfreds, News24)Barcelona - We're in the beginning of a world in which everything is connected to the internet and with one another, while powerful yet relatively cheap computers analyse all that data for ways to improve lives.
Toothbrushes tell your mirror to remind you to floss. Basketball jerseys detect impending heart failure and call the ambulance for you.

At least that's the vision presented this past week at the Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona, Spain. The four-day conference highlighted what the tech industry has loosely termed "the internet of things".
Some of that wisdom is already available or promised by the end of the year.

Fitness devices from Sony and Samsung connect with your smartphones to provide digital records of your daily lives.

Hundreds of rusting tanks abandoned in secret Ukrainian depot unveiled as Russia's armoured vehicles line its streets.

These incredible photographs show a huge tank graveyard in the Ukraine - home to hundreds of the abandoned vehicles which the country may desperately need it tensions with Russia continue to escalate.

Filled with rows upon rows of slowly rusting relics, the once deadly war machines now lie dormant in a secret depot in the town of Kharkov in the Slobozhanshchyna region of eastern Ukraine - just 20 miles from the border with Russia.
After hearing about the strange Soviet-era tank cemetery from a friend, photographer Patvel Itkin, 18, spent months trying find its whereabouts.

Wi-Fi in the sky looks set for takeoff

(Shutterstock)Singapore - Wi-Fi in aircraft, hobbled in the past by slow speeds, could soon take off as new technology enables passengers to surf the web as if they were in a coffee shop, internet executives say.
More airlines are rolling out new and improved services thanks to satellite technology, industry leaders said at the recent Singapore Airshow, with the public increasingly demanding Wi-Fi on planes.

US-based Honeywell Aerospace and Gogo, which supply inflight connectivity systems to airlines, are collaborating with satellite giant Inmarsat to implement the "first global high-speed broadband for the skies" dubbed the Global Xpress (GX) Aviation network.
Briand Greer, president of Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific, said inflight Wi-Fi could generate $2.8bn for the company alone over the next 20 years.

YouTube ordered to take down anti-Muslim film

San Fransico — A U.S. appeals court ordered YouTube on Wednesday to take down an anti-Muslim film that sparked violent riots in parts of the Middle East and death threats to the actors.
The decision by a divided three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco reinstated a lawsuit filed against YouTube by an actress who appeared briefly in the 2012 video that led to rioting and deaths because of its negative portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad.
YouTube resisted calls by President Barack Obama and other world leaders to take down the video, arguing that to do so amounted to unwarranted government censorship and would violate the Google-owned company's free speech protections. Besides, the company argued that the filmmakers and not the actors of Innocence of Muslims owned the copyright and only they could remove it from YouTube.

'World's longest aircraft' unveiled in UK

London - An airship-type vehicle billed by its makers as the world's longest aircraft currently in operation was unveiled in Britain on Friday.

The Airlander, which was originally developed for the US military, is 91 metres long, according its British maker Hybrid Air Vehicles.

The environmentally friendly helium-filled behemoth is designed to stay airborne for up to three weeks and can carry up to 60 tons, the company said.

It was shown off on Friday in a giant hangar in Cardington, central England, where great British airships of the past were built, including the ill-fated R101.

The R101 crashed in 1930 on its maiden voyage, killing 48 passenger and crew.

The new craft is longer than the current record holder,

I blew £1m in 18 months says Hear'say star Suzanne: Squandered on cars and clothes

As a singer in the reality TV band Hear’Say, Suzanne Shaw was catapulted from obscurity to millionaire status almost instantly.
But she has admitted that she enjoyed her new-found wealth a little too much, and squandered her earnings on cars and clothes in just 18 months.
Miss Shaw, 32 – perhaps now best-known for her appearances on ITV’s Dancing On Ice – lost £1million and was threatened with bankruptcy.

Squandered: Suzanne Shaw says she spent her money on clothes and was threatened with bankruptcy
Squandered: Suzanne Shaw says she spent her money on clothes and was threatened with bankruptcy
Easy money: Suzanne in her pop days (centre) with Danny Foster, Myleene Klass, Kym Marsh and Noel Sullivan
Easy money: Suzanne in her pop days (centre) with Danny Foster, Myleene Klass, Kym Marsh and Noel Sullivan

She revealed at the weekend that she spent £20,000 on clothes in just three months, and even sold a brand new car after one day, having decided she didn’t like it.
It took Miss Shaw – who divorced TV presenter husband Jason King in 2012 – eight years to pay off her £200,000 debts having been ‘too proud’ to be declared bankrupt. But she is now back on the property ladder and determined to set a good example for her son Corey, nine.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

From one runway to another! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley jets into LA in stylish grey coat after strutting her stuff at two Fashion Weeks

She has been showing off her stunning figure during modelling assignments at both the London and Paris Fashion Weeks.And globe-trotting model-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swapped one runway for another as she flew into Los Angeles on Friday evening.The beautiful 26-year-old was wearing a classic, grey, double-breasted jacket over a black T-shirt and dark blue skinny jeans paired with black suede high-heeled boots.
Crossing the concourse: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley flew into Los Angeles after modelling for the London and Paris Fashion Weeks on Friday
Crossing the concourse: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley flew into Los Angeles after modelling for the London and Paris Fashion Weeks on Friday

Kidnappers demand N500m ransom to free Pres. Jonathan's uncle

Abductors of Inengite Nitabai, the 70-year old uncle of President Goodluck Jonathan, have demanded a N500m ransom, Sahara Reporters report.

Smartphone companies beef up its cameras

Seoul - Expect sharper, clearer selfies this year.

Samsung has beefed up the camera in its Galaxy S5 smartphone due for April release and added smarter camera software, following Sony and Nokia in their upgrades of handset cameras.

The tweaks mean smartphone photos, ubiquitous nowadays because of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, will be closer in quality to images captured by digital single-lens reflex cameras, also known as DSLR.

How to give a super-thin smartphone the power of a DSLR camera that can capture moving images with clarity is a key challenge for the likes of Samsung, Sony, Nokia and LG as they try to differentiate their offerings in a crowded handset market.

Their efforts to make smartphone cameras more powerful have taken a toll on the compact, point-and-shoot camera market, but catching up to the high-end cameras used by professional photographers had appeared a far-fetched ambition.

Software trickery

The gap is getting narrower thanks mainly to improvements in camera software and other technologies, but may never close completely.

The global wireless show that wraps up in Barcelona on Thursday showed smartphone makers using software trickery to offset their camera weaknesses: inferior image sensors and lack of optical zoom lens. The companies are also making photo manipulation on the phone easier to learn than manually controlling DSLR cameras.

Instead of touting their smartphones as thinner, lighter or bigger screened, Samsung, Sony and LG were boasting how their latest mobile gadgets can record ultra-high definition videos known as 4K, take big-pixel pictures without a second of delay and capture clearer images even at a low-light settings and when a subject is moving.

One trend in smartphone camera this year will be phase detection autofocus, previously available only in cameras with interchangeable lens, said Chris Chute, a director at research company IDC.

Samsung showcased the feature in the Galaxy S5, the latest version of the South Korean company's flagship smartphone. It reduces the time it takes to focus on a subject to 0.3 second so even when the subject is moving, the image can be captured with a sharp edge, said Seshu Madhavapeddy, Samsung's senior vice president for US product and technology.

"Now that phones are starting to have this, consumers will only be more likely to use phones for not just everyday pictures, but more and more for special event photography",
 Chute said.

With the 16 megapixel rear camera in the Galaxy S5, it is possible to preview the result of applying high dynamic range imaging to pictures. HDR imaging usually helps create better pictures in extreme lighting conditions but with digital cameras, it is processed after snapping a photo.

Lure buyers

Samsung and LG also showed how their high-end smartphones can selectively blur and sharpen a picture by tapping the area a user wants to adjust. This feature, which adds depth to a photo, was a major trait in DSLR cameras.

While DSLR cameras did this trick in the image's raw data by changing the lens aperture, Samsung's S5 and LG's G Pro 2 do it through software. Nokia and Sony said their latest smartphones have similar features.

Nokia is also betting big on powerful camera features to lure buyers from Samsung and Apple Inc. Among Nokia's major products is the Lumia 1020 smartphone announced last year, which can take 38 megapixel images.

Larger pixels in the camera don't necessarily mean a better picture, which also depends on the lens and image sensors.

But bigger pixels allow taking photos with sufficient details for poster-size prints, something that professional photographers are keen on. Other high-end smartphone cameras are around or below 20 megapixels.

Sony's Xperia Z2 smartphone, announced at the Mobile World Congress, has a rear camera with 20.7 megapixels, same as the predecessor Z1, but Sony upgraded the camera's video-recording power to 4K. The Z2 is also equipped with technologies that allow users capture to moving subjects blur-free.

All these handsets from Samsung, Sony and LG can record ultra-HD picture quality video, something that isn't widespread among digital cameras.

"This trend is happening much faster than most predicted", said IDC's Chute of the 4K video recording in high-end smartphones.

But will these moves push smartphone cameras to reach the market reserved for premium cameras over $1 000?

"You're getting to the stage where cameras in high-end models are good enough for the majority of consumers in most environments", said Nick Dillon, a senior analyst at Ovum. But there will be a significant quality gap between the pictures from DSLR cameras and smartphones for the foreseeable future, he said.

Samsung Galaxy S5. (Lluis Gene, AFP)