Thursday, 3 April 2014

50 Cent hits out at Puff Daddy

Los Angeles - 50 Cent thinks Puff Daddy is the
"destination for anybody going nowhere".

The 38-year-old rapper has slammed the star, who
recently changed his name back from P Diddy, and
admitted he doesn't understand why any artist
would want to collaborate with him.

50 told radio station Power 105.1: "Puffy might be
the destination for anybody going nowhere. Nobody

He also talked about his disapproval of rappers
wearing tight clothing and hinted he didn't like
Kanye West's fashion sense, after he wore a leather
kilt last year at a Hurricane Sandy benefit gig.

50 explained: "I ain't with it. I asked it on a mix tape.
Niggas wear skinny jeans. I can't fit in.
"If you Google, 'rapper in a dress', do you know how
many will pop? Young Thug is the one that actually
said, 'This is a dress'. The other ones will call it a kilt.

What about that culture is making you choose to
wear it for the evening?"
Meanwhile, the Hold On hitmaker will release his
fifth record 'Animal Ambition' later this year, his first
since Before I Self Destruct in 2009 after his
departure from Shady Records, Aftermath
Entertainment and Interscope.

And despite parting ways with Shady Records, he
praised rapper Eminem, who was instrumental in
helping him become a success, while also giving
credit to Jay Z.

He said: "I don't think our culture would've grown as
fast as it did without Em. My being associated with
him allowed the doors to open easy. I'm proud of

"Jay Z, Lloyd Banks, and Fabolous is the same guy.
Take away the hits, take away the career, the music.
I'm talking about who they actually are 'cause
they're internal people. These are the guys that are
laid back, quiet, fly. You might not feel them in the
room, but they're important people."

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