Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lindsay Lohan came 'close' to relapse

Los Angeles - Lindsay Lohan has came "close" to

The troubled actress - who has been to rehab six
times - loves "nightlife" and going to clubs but
admits it can be difficult to resist drugs and alcohol.
She said: "I do love the nightlife and hearing loud
music and laughing and having fun.

"I'm sober, but it has come very close. And it's really

On Sunday night's episode of Lindsay, her sober
coach Michael Cormier decided it was time to move
on and later implied he was unsure whether she had

Asked if she is still sober, he said: ''I don't know. I'm
not going to discuss whether or not Lindsay is still
sober. That is between Lindsay and Lindsay. I have
no hard evidence that she's not."

Elsewhere in the episode, the Mean Girls star spoke
of her unhappiness with her management team and
agent, claiming she has to find roles for herself.
Speaking to her life coach A.J. Johnson, she said: ''I
feel like they just don't care.

"They have their breadwinners and I'm not that to
them and they're not willing to fight for me to be
that and that's where I'm left feeling alone and
insecure because I can't do it all on my own!
"Jason Weinberg kind of just left me in the dust.
Unless I'm like Penelope Cruz, Jason doesn't care.
But I can't be Penelope Cruz unless I have Jason
behind me, fighting for me...

"Every day I'm not on a film set, I'm wasting my
Lindsay claimed she got her last two roles herself,
adding: "I made the calls and I researched and all
they do is take a percentage."

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