Thursday, 1 May 2014

'Art can address societal ills'

Lagos -  A Lagos-based artist, Jonahan Jefferson, said on Wednesday that artworks could be used to correct the general malaise in the country.

Jefferson said that every artwork has a story to tell and we should take it seriously and correct ourselves where necessary.

"Artworks including paintings speak to people about the happenings in the society and for a change.It is a good medium to use to talk to people about what is wrong or right and it helps tell the history of a nation, individuals and important happenings.’’ he said.

The graduate of Edo State Polytechnic, therefore, urged Nigerians to embrace artworks for effective communication and understanding of issues in the society.

On what should be citizens’ role in nation building, Jefferson said citizens’ contributions were key to national development.

He advised that the issue of money or materialism should be de-emphasised in national life.

While underscoring the essence of money in the life of an individual, the artist stressed the need for Nigerians to come up with ideas for better management of the country.

He also noted that the perceived inactivity or disinterestedness on the part of some Nigerians had taken its toll on the nation.

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