Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ebola: Davido cancels Cameroon concert

Davido (Instagram: lifeofdavido)Lagos - Musician Davido has cancelled his Cameroonian concert a day after the country announced that it was closing its borders with Nigeria.

The "Aye" hit-maker had to cancel attending a concert  organized by the First Lady Chantal Biya's Foundation (CERAC) to promote education and health among young people.
 He was also scheduled to perform at the famous Safari Night club in Yaounde on Sunday along side DJ Arafat.

The singer made the sad announcement of the cancellation  on his Instagram page. He also promised to return when the Ebola scare subsides.

"Je suis triste de ne pas pouvior etre present ce soir a Yaounde pour le show avec mes fans. Mon absence est due aux restrictions causees par le virus Ebola. Une date sera reprogrammes tres vite. Je vous aimes.
(In English): "I'm very sad for not showing up this evening in Yaounde for the show with my fans. My absence is due to restrictions caused bt the Ebola Virus. Another date will announced soon. I love you all. O.B.O"


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