Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ebola: Juliet Ibrahim vents anger on radio presenters

Doctors transfer Miguel Pajares, a Spanish priest who was infected with the Ebola virus while working in Liberia. (Spanish defense ministry, AP)Lagos - Popular beautiful Ghanian actress Juliet Ibrahim is angry with air personalities who make jokes about the Ebola virus in West Africa, reports Naij

The actress said that she could not understand how people will make jokes while people in neighboring countries have been killed by the Ebola virus.

She complained that instead of Africans to find cure for the virus they spend time sending blackberry broadcasts and pictures mocking Ebola.

She said that radio presenters who have been making jokes about salt and water and other Ebola jokes are heartless.

The Ghanaian belle said that the on-air- personalities had the responsibility of using the airwaves to educate the public and not spreading lies and joking with lies.

Juliet Ibrahim has Lebanese and Liberian and roots. Liberia is one of the countries hard hit by the deadly virus.

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