Friday, 29 August 2014

Schwarzenegger inspires Kate Hensaw

Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw, who declared her intention to contest for the Federal House of Representatives for Calabar Municipal/Odunkpani Federal Constituency under the PDP on July 19th revealed in a recent interview that she plans to take a break from acting to face politics squarely.

When asked if she is quitting acting for politics permanently, she said: “Well, Well, I will take a break to serve the larger population of Nigeria. I won’t quit. Arnold Schwarzenegger was Governor and he is back to acting again. You take time off, you serve your people. I don’t hope to be there forever.

I just want to do, make noise, leave when the ovation is loudest. That’s the best way. Yeah …I don’t want to be there for 10 years, 12 years, 16 years, that’s the best way. I want to do other things. 4-8 years, that’s the limit you can hold me to my word.” As for the money aspect, Kate said, “There is no money. I can’t match the people who have been in the system for 20, 30 years.

I am going with God and my heart” she said Don’t expect Kate to share money like most politicians. According to her, “I’m not sharing money. If you continue sharing money, it will never stop. If you want a change, a true change, then vote for me and you will see the change. But if you want money, hey, go for money and stay where you are and don’t even complain.” she said

- Radar

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