Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Two years after, facebook continues to post Goldie Harvey’s birthday

goldieIf she were still alive, late diva, Goldie Harvey, would have added another year on October 23;
she would have been 31 years-old. Obviously unaware that the singer died on Lovers’ Day, Feb­ruary 14,, 2012, facebook continues to post notifi­cations of her birthday and guess what; she got a birthday wish even from the grave. One Lekan Braimoh wished the singer a happy birthday.
Until her sudden exit, Goldie won several awards. The climax of her brief ca­reer was when she appeared on Big Brother Africa in 2012.

After returning home from the 2013 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, Goldie had com­plained of a headache and was rushed to hospital where she was later pronounced dead. Until her death, she was married to Andrew Harvey.

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