Sunday, 30 November 2014

Natalie Portman up for Jobs biopic

Los Angeles - Natalie Portman is in talks for a role in the Steve Jobs biopic.

Earthlings to send 90,000 hellos to Mars

(Reuters) - Radio telescopes on Earth will beam 90,000 messages to Mars on Friday to commemorate the launch 50 years ago of the first robotic probe to visit the planet. 

Staff fear the chop in Samsung Electronics annual reshuffle

People walk at the main office building of Samsung Electronics in Seoul April 6, 2012.  REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji(Reuters) - Insiders say staff at Samsung Electronics have never been so anxious ahead of the annual reshuffle, as a weak smartphone performance and its worst earnings in three years are expected to cost many jobs.

UK's Cameron to curb benefits for immigrants

(File, AP)London - Prime Minister David Cameron says migrants from Europe will have to leave Britain if they don't get a

Kendall Jenner is changing the face of fashion on the cover of Dazed magazine

Cape Town – Kendall Jenner is building her modelling empire in the shadows of older sister Kim Kardashian West, but the aspiring model is slowly but surely taking over the spotlight.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

One for every leg: scientists map centipede genome

(Reuters) - An international team of more than 100 researchers has mapped the genome of the centipede and found that, while it easily outpaces humans on number of legs, it falls short when it comes to genes.

Physicists solve mystery of why cats rule, dogs drool

A Greyhound dog drinks water after a race in Santiago city, in this file picture taken March 1, 2014. REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado/Files(Reuters) - Popular web videos showing that "cats rule and dogs drool" have new scientific evidence to support that felinophilic sentiment, at least when it comes to drinking.

Pakistan frees 40 Indian prisoners

Karachi - Pakistan on Friday announced the release of 40 Indian prisoners, including 35 fishermen held for violating territorial waters, a day after a major South Asian summit closed.

P Diddy 'regrets not pursuing relationship with Cameron Diaz'

Los Angeles - P Diddy regrets not pursuing a romantic relationship with Cameron Diaz.

Multi-national crew reaches space station

(Reuters) - A Russian Soyuz rocket blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazahkstan on Sunday to deliver three new crew members to the International Space Station, including Italy's first female astronaut.
International Space Station (ISS) crew Anton Shkaplerov of Russia matches palm with his daughter Kira from a bus window before the launch of the Soyuz-FG rocket at the Baikonur cosmodrome November 23, 2014. REUTERS-Dmitry Lovetsky-PoolA Soyuz capsule carrying incoming station commander Terry Virts from U.S. space agency NASA,

Friday, 28 November 2014

Demi Lovato admits her and Miley Cyrus are no longer friends

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are no longer friends but remain acquaintances (Getty Images)Los Angeles - Demi Lovato insists she and Miley Cyrus won't be friends again because they have nothing in common.

Shia LaBeouf: I was raped during my art show

Los Angeles - During a recent interview with Dazed Digital online magazine Shia LaBeouf revealed that he was raped during his #IAMSORRY performance art installation.

Kendra Wilkinson reveals her drunken sex secrets with Hugh Hefner

Los Angeles - Kendra Wilkinson was drunk or stoned when she had sex with Hugh Hefner.

Kim and Kanye planning nude photoshoot together?

Los Angeles - Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West want to do a nude photoshoot together.

Tonto Dikeh launches foundation for abused women

Lagos - Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has unveiled her own charity foundation.
The actress unveiled the organization on

Exclusive: First gene therapy drug sets million-euro price record

(Reuters) - The Western world's first gene therapy drug is set to go on sale in Germany with a 1.1 million euro ($1.4 million) price tag, a new record for a medicine to treat a rare disease.
An operator installs a chromatography column to purify the gene therapy drug Glybera at Dutch biotech company uniQure in Amsterdam December 13, 2012. REUTERS/Michael KoorenThe

Rihanna's grandpa crashed her record label meeting and fell asleep on the couch! Angeles - Rihanna's granddad crashed a meeting with her record label.

Ultra-strong graphene's weak spot could be key to fuel cells

(Reuters) - In a discovery that experts say could revolutionize fuel cell technology, scientists in Britain have found that graphene, the world's thinnest, strongest and most impermeable material, can allow protons to pass through it.

Gut check: how vultures dine on rotting flesh, and like it

Vultures feast on a road kill as commuters pass by real estate for sale in Great Falls, Virginia, in this February 20, 2008 file photo. Two species of North American vultures showed that the birds possess a ferociously acidic digestive system and intestines loaded with two fiendish kinds of bacteria according scientists November 25, 2014. REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang/Files(Reuters) - They snack on danger and dine on death, merrily munching on rotting flesh that would certainly sicken or kill any person and

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Psquare loses dad, Lola- Omotayo pays tribute

Music stars Paul, Peter and Jude Okoye lost their father, Mazi Moses Okoye on Monday, two years after losing their mum.

Fence-climbing lawmakers suspected thugs —IGP

ABUJA—Members of the House Committee on Police Affairs were shocked yesterday when the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Mr Sulaiman Abba, told them that he would not address Aminu Tambuwal as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Why Jonathan has failed to defeat B’Haram – OBJ

President Jonathan and Gen. Obasanjo (Rtd)ABUJA—FORMER President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, yesterday, sneered at President Goodluck Jonathan for not having adequate understanding of the Boko Haram insurgency and being unable to proffer a response to the menace starring the nation in the face.

'Star-gazing' shrimp discovered in South Africa

(Reuters) - A tiny shrimp equipped with large, candy-striped eyes to ward off predators has been discovered in South African waters, the University of Cape Town said on Friday.

Cold hard facts: Underwater robot measures Antarctic sea ice

The AUV SeaBed robot is deployed from British Antactic Survey's RRS James Clark Ross in this handout photo provided by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) November 24, 2014. REUTERS/BAS/Handout via Reuters(Reuters) - Measuring the thickness of Antarctic sea ice, an important gauge of environmental conditions in this remote polar region in a time of global climate change, has proven to be a

Banky W set on cutiing ties with Wizkid

Lagos - Banky W has  returned to the country to finalise Wizkid’s exit from EME, reports Nigerian Entertainment Today(NET)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Kim Kardashian West: I exist because of social media

Los Angeles - Kim Kardashian West doesn't think she'd exist without social media.

Bob Geldof gets pop stars for Ebola charity song

(Andrew Cowie, AFP)
London - A galaxy of old and new pop stars on Saturday recorded a song to raise money for the fight against the Ebola virus ravaging West Africa.

Chimpanzee study reveals the value of being an ape bully

A dominant male chimpanzee feeds in Kibale National Park tropical rain forest, 354km southeast of Uganda's capital Kampala, in this December 2, 2006 file photo. REUTERS/James Akena/FilesScientists said on Thursday a study of chimpanzees in Tanzania spanning 17 years found that males that subjected females to long-term aggressive behavior,

Monday, 17 November 2014

Bill Cosby won't address sex claims - lawyer

Los Angeles - A lawyer for Bill Cosby says the comedian will not dignify "decade-old, discredited" allegations of sexual abuse with any comment.

Johnny Depp slurs his way through speech

Los Angeles - Johnny Depp appeared to be drunk on stage at the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Festival on Friday night.

Boston Scientific ordered to pay $26.7 million over mesh devices

(Reuters) - Boston Scientific Corp was ordered Thursday to pay four women a total of $26.7 million after it was found liable for selling faulty transvaginal mesh devices, following one of the first federal trials resulting from thousands of lawsuits over the devices.

U.S. government spending $425 million to build fastest supercomputers

The BlueGene/L supercomputer is presented to the [media] at the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, October 27, 2005.(Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Energy said on Friday it is spending $425 million to research extreme-scale computing and build two super-computers,

Comet lander shuts down after sending data

A probe named Philae is seen after it landed safely on a comet, known as 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, in this CIVA handout image released November 13, 2014. REUTERS/ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA/Handout via Reuters(Reuters) - A pioneering robotic spacecraft shut down on Saturday after radioing results of its first and probably last batch of scientific experiments from the surface of a comet, scientists said.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Smithsonian Museum honours Bruce Onobrakpeya

(File)Lagos - Renowned artist Bruce Onobrakpeya was recently honoured by the Smithsonian National Museum of African Arts in Washington DC, reports Premium Times

Friday, 14 November 2014

Robot 'dolphins' give clues to Antarctic melt in data revolution

(Reuters) - Dolphin-sized robots are giving clues to a thaw of Antarctica's ice in a sign of how technology is revolutionizing data collection in remote polar regions, scientists said on Monday.
An international study led by the California Institute of Technology used three yellow "gliders", about 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches) long and each costing $240,000, to measure temperature and salinity in the depths of the Weddell Sea off Antarctica

US war against ISIS steadily escalates

(File, AP)Washington - US military action against Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria began on a small scale three months ago but has steadily expanded in size and scope, raising the stakes for Washington, experts say.

Studies of 'vaping' brain may offer clues on smoking addiction

(Reuters) - British scientists say they have found the best way yet to analyze the effects of smoking on the brain -- by taking functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans of people while they puff on e-cigarettes.

GMO battles over 'settled' science spur new study of crops

(Reuters) - Monsanto Co, the world's largest seed company, and its brethren of global biotech crop developers are spreading the word that as far as the safety of their genetically modified grain goes, the science is solidly on their side.

Germans convicted of stealing from Egypt pyramid

The Pyramid of Cheops. (Marwan Naamani, AFP)Cairo - An Egyptian court sentenced three Germans and six Egyptians to five years jail on Tuesday for stealing fragments of a pharaonic artefact from Cairo's Great Pyramid, a judicial source said.

West Bank mosque attacked; settlers blamed

Israeli emergency workers collect forensic evidence at the scene of an attack near the West Bank Jewish settlement. (Mahmoud Illean, AP)Ramallah - A Palestinian official says an attack against a mosque in the West Bank ignited a fire that destroyed its first floor. He blamed Jewish settlers for the attack.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Quentin Tarantino reveals retirement plan

Los Angeles - Quentin Tarantino intends to retire after his tenth film.

Anna Kendrick was drunk while shooting her cover for Marie Claire!

View image on TwitterLos Angeles - Anna Kendrick was drunk during a recent interview.

Moment of truth in Europe's ten-year mission to explore a comet

Scientists and mission control workers check their monitors at the European Space Agency's (ESA) main control room in Darmstadt, August 6, 2014.   REUTERS-Kai Pfaffenbach (Reuters) - European scientists launched a probe from spaceship Rosetta on Wednesday in an historic attempt to examine the surface of

Jeff Daniels laughs last with Dumb and Dumber

(News24)Los Angeles - Jeff Daniels' phone rang, and his agents were on the line.
"It was an intervention," said the actor, who had a reputation for serious roles

Scientists find rare burial site of Ice Age infant in Alaska

University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) professors Ben Potter (L) and Josh Reuther excavate the burial pit at the Upward Sun River site in central Alaska in this undated handout photo provided courtesy of Ben Potter, November 11, 2014.   REUTERS/UAF Ben Potter/Handout via Reuters(Reuters) - Archaeologists working in Alaska's remote interior have discovered the burial site of an Ice Age infant and a late-term fetus believed to be the youngest remains found

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Protesters furious over deaths of 43 missing students

Demonstrators light a fire as they protest outside a political party's headquarters in Morelia, Michoacan State. (Enrique Castro Sanchez, AFP)Chilpancingo - Mexican protesters angry at the presumed massacre of 43 students torched the ruling party's Guerrero state headquarters on Tuesday as demonstrations rocked President Enrique Pena Nieto's government.

Yvonne Nelson receives funny birthday wishes from ex

Lagos - Ghanaian actress  Yvonne Nelson receieved a funny birthday wish her ex-boyfriend and super star musician Iyanya.

Kcee splashes $10 000 on a fine face - Singer Kcee has started the second season of his Fine Face competition on Instagram and will give the winner a sum of $10 000(N1.6million).

Ebola workers ask Congress for help

Ebola help sign from ShutterstockWashington - Health workers on the front line of the Ebola crisis say the need for urgent help isn't letting up, as Congress begins considering President Barack Obama's $6.2 billion emergency aid request to fight the disease.

Female suicide bomber kills at least one at Niger State college 12 November 2014, 16:02

Abuja - A female suicide bomber blew herself up at a teacher training college in Nigeria on Wednesday, killing at least one other

Kim Kardashian West shows off her ass(ets) on the cover of Paper magazine Kardashian West has gone from a classy Vogue magazine cover to being named the sexiest woman by GQ Magazine to balancing a champagne glass on her ass?

Obama calls Ebola doctor, commends his service

Dr Craig Spencer. (Richard Drew, AP)Beijing - President Barack Obama is commending a physician who recovered from Ebola for his selflessness in going to West Africa to fight the virus.

Scientist hopes to unlock Ebola's secrets at outbreak's source

(Reuters) - Etienne Simon-Loriere of the Pasteur Institut in Paris has his fingers crossed. He is heading to West Africa on Sunday to inspect blood samples gathered from Ebola patients in Guinea in hopes of tracing the path of the virus in the country where the current outbreak began.

Passing comet peppered Mars with shooting stars, scientists say

(Reuters) - The comet that sailed by Mars last month spawned thousands of shooting stars per hour and created a new layer of ionized particles high in the planet’s atmosphere, NASA scientists said on Friday.
At twilight, the Martian skies likely took on a yellowish hue from sodium in vaporized comet dust, creating a glow similar to sodium vapor lights commonly used in parking lots on Earth.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Robin Williams autopsy: No illegal drugs found

San Francisco - Robin Williams' autopsy found no alcohol or illegal drugs were in his body when he killed himself at his Northern California home in August,

Breakthrough Prizes in science, math earn winners $3 million each

Entrepreneurs Brit and Dave Morin arrive on the red carpet during the 2nd annual Breakthrough Prize Award in Mountain View, California November 9, 2014. REUTERS-Stephen Lam(Reuters) - Academia doesn't usually bring rich financial rewards.
But that changed Sunday for recipients of a record 12 Breakthrough Prizes,

UK space travel insurer sees no spike in queries after Virgin crash

Sheriffs' deputies look at wreckage from the crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo near a broken down house near Cantil, California November 2, 2014. REUTERS/David McNew(Reuters) - A UK insurer that recently began offering life coverage for would-be space tourists said it has seen no increase in interest in the policy following the fatal crash of a Virgin Galactic test space ship last month.

Monday, 10 November 2014

These are all the 2014 MTV EMA winners

Glasgow – Stars came out in full force as they were honoured for their music at the 20th annual MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday in Glasgow.

The 5 best entertainment pics of the week you have to see!

Cape Town – A simple picture can tell an entire story based on body language, choice of clothes or the setting you are in.

Mark Wahlberg's 'man crush'

(News24)Los Angeles - Mark Wahlberg has gushed about American football star, Tom Brady's blue eyes.

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande shine at the 2014 MTV EMAs

Ariana Grande poses at the MTV EMAs. (AFP)Glasgow - Nicki Minaj rapped about shortbread and Ariana Grande capped a breakthrough year with two trophies as the MTV Europe Music Awards celebrated its 20th anniversary on Sunday with a Scottish-accented show in Glasgow.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Ancient Russian's #DNA sheds light on Neanderthal interbreeding

A Kostenki skull fossil is seen in this handout image obtained by Reuters on November 5, 2014. REUTERS/Peter the Great Museum/Handout via Reuters(Reuters) - DNA extracted from the skeleton of a man who lived in Russia about 37,000 years ago is giving scientists new insights into the genetic history of Europeans including interbreeding that took place with Neanderthals more than 50,000 years ago.

#Drug-resistant superbug found in 1915 soldier killed by dysentery - Scientists who unlocked the genetic code of bacteria grown from a soldier who died of dysentery in World War I say it revealed a superbug