Saturday, 3 October 2015

Defining your dream. Part One

Are you living the expectations of the real YOU? Asked my inner self, and my reply? "I Don't Know".
Majority of us fall into such situation where you don't understand the situations around you and you fail to understand why those things happened. There are times we asked this popular question "Hey, what's going on?" Yeah, it's normal as a human to be confused at times but it's not  normal to be confused all the time.

For some reasons i've wander round the internet trying to express my feelings to the world via blogging and i created many blog and website, i felt accomplished and relaxed and started doing what i felt like was what i wanted without having a master plan to back it up. At first it was interesting, readers visiting my motivational blogspot, google analytic rated the blog safe and user friendly with much traffic, then it happened, the sad part. Every things started falling off balance, i spent time and money online to no avail.

Just right then something struck me, i heard a little voice " you've got to define your dreams from your NEED and WANT". After many research, the best way to get the best out of life is defining your top priority from the less and working towards the top. What is WANT? "Want is to wish for or desire for something..." (Ref: online English Dictionary) while NEED " A requirement for something NECESSARY or to desire to have something IMPORTANT"  Once you are backed with your master plan, not minding the stormy days because for sure good and bad days are something that you can't just stop but the important thing is how you manage the good and bad days.

Ask majority of people why they fall off plan, you'd be amazed by the huge amount of excuses you'd get. Many companies, businesses have fall off the grip because their foundation wasn't planted on a fertile ground. It happened to me, at age 13 i created my first blog titled Global Blog, went bad. I came up with another, another, another and another and landed on this very blog,it kept going the wrong way until i discovered why? And i will share some point with you and hope it will help you same way it did helped me. But what is failure? " Failure is a state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. Failure is also the opposite of Success" 

When you need so many things at a time and you try to grab them all at once, definitely some will drop off your grip. That's your ticket to failing. BE FOCUSED AND KNOW WHAT YOU NEED, DON'T RUN IN CIRCLES.
  • Copying Others: Everyone is peculiar, everyone have his/her talents that makes them unique. YOU"RE PECULIAR/UNIQUE why want to be like the crowd? No one is as good as you're in your area of expertize, they might be higher than you because you have your own area you're higher than them. The moment you start copying other you start failing. You can learn from others and apply your own style and i assure you, it will work out well.
  • Distraction: Many have been victims of distraction, i was a victim. The moment you recognize and acknowledge the distraction and remain focused on your goals, you'd achieve 'em.
  • Inability to Embrace Fears and Defeat: Naturally, everyone in one way or the other got defeated in some area. Fear is a natural phenomenon but fear is also F: False E: Evidence A: Appearing R: Real. Accept you failed but never give up, pick up your armor and ready to strike again but with different approach. Many world icons have failed but the difference between them and others was the ability to embrace their defeats and come up with a different pattern. 

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