Tuesday, 23 August 2016

First Lady, Aisha Buhari Set to Launch Her “Get Involved Initiative” for Malnourished Children

Get Involved Official LaunchThe First Lady, Her Excellency Aisha Buhari is set to formally launch the Get Involved component of her Future Assured Initiative.
Get Involved is an initiative aimed at raising awareness on the issues of Malnutrition,  advocating for the underprivileged women and children; and victims of insurgency in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. It is painfully true that 2.5million children are malnourished in the country and without intervention, 500,000 children will die this year, thus the urgent need for extraordinary interventions.

In addition, the Get Involved Initiative Programme provides well meaning individuals and organisations the opportunity to contribute their quota to ending the menace of malnutrition in Nigeria.
It is against this background  that companies and manufacturers have been invited to display their products for donor patronage.
Date: August 29th to September 3rd 2016
Time: 9AM to 5PM Daily
Venue: International Conference Centre, Abuja
Earlier this month, the initiative launched the #GetInvolved Campaign to raise funds for children in need.
Help save 500,000 children’s lives this year. Take a picture holding up the hashtag #getinvolved with details on how to donate to this initiative. Will you get involved? Please send help to needy children, please give milk, blankets, socks, underwear. Do you have to share?
Wife of the Vice President Dolapo Osinbajo, photographer TY Bello and Leila Fowler have already joined the cause by taking a photo of themselves and the hash tag.

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